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Lamb Biryani for Serious Eats | Nik Sharma

A bit of exciting news, some of you might have noticed that I’ve been writing a lot more at Serious Eats, well I’m happy to share that it’s now officially a regular monthly column on food science. This month, I’m exploring the science behind yogurt based marinades and to kick it off I’m sharing my lamb biryani recipe. Get the recipe at Serious Eats. Next week, I’ll get into the deeper details of what’s actually happening based on a few experiments. One note, when making the biryani, get pandan water, it gives it that extra special aroma.

Recently, The Flavor Equation (learn more here) was named as one of the cookbooks to look forward to by Eater and PBS/KQED. The pandemic has changed the original plan for my book tour but I will be participating in a variety on online book tours and events later this Fall. More details to come soon.

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