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The Flavor Equation

My new cookbook The Flavor Equation: The Science of Great Cooking is now available everywhere.

I finally get to tie in my background as a molecular biologist and show you how it helps me as a cook at home.

Season: Big Flavors, Beautiful Food

Season by Nik Sharma features delicious and intriguing recipes plus 270 of the most beautiful photographs ever seen in a cookbook. The bold flavors of Indian cooking combine with familiar ingredients and recipes of the American South and California in fresh ways. Season introduces home cooks to a new way to cook and think about flavor. More than a modern Indian cookbook, it walks readers through the range of healthy ingredients, techniques, and cooking with spices including turmeric, saffron, and za’atar in the warm and clear style familiar to fans of Nik’s award-winning food blog, A Brown Table.

Rest assured there is nothing intimidating here. Season, like Nik, welcomes everyone to the table!

Order your copy of the best-selling James Beard nominated cookbook, The Flavor Equation.