The Flavor Equation

“Now Named A Best Cookbook of 2020"


The Silver Medal from the German Academy of Gastronomy (G.A.D.) 2022

The James Beard Foundation Awards 2021 – Finalist/History & Scholarship

The IACP Awards 2021 – Finalist/General Cookery

The IACP Awards 2021 – Finalist/Photography and Styling

The U.K. Guild of Food Writers Awards 2021 – Shortlist/General Cookbook 

The Art of Eating Prize 2021 – Longlist

Delicious Magazine U.K. 2020 – Book of the Year 

My new cookbook The Flavor Equation: The Science of Great Cooking is now available everywhere.

I finally get to tie in my background as a molecular biologist and show you how it helps me as a cook at home.

By applying the foundations of science to cooking using more than 100 recipes and a few fun experiments, this book will take you on an exciting journey of flavor. In The Flavor Equation: The Science of Great Cooking, I explore the different components that make up flavor: our emotions that come into play when we cook and eat, how sight interacts with colors and shapes in our food, how sound affects our perception of flavor, the importance of textural elements in food and ways to build them, how aromas work in the kitchen, and finally, taste. This book will address the five basic tastes and the Flavor Boosters that add : Brightness (Sourness), Bitterness, Saltiness, Sweetness, and Savoriness (Umami). In addition, this book will also explore Richness (the taste of fat) and Fieriness in our food.

Included within this book are 150 plus photos, some of which I took on microscopes. The book is also accompanied by gorgeous color illustrations created by artist Matteo Riva.

October 2020, Chronicle Books.

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