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A Best and Essential Cookbook by Eater, Food and Wine Magazine, WaterStones, Epicurious, and Many More

The latest cookbook from James Beard Finalist and multi-award winning, best-selling cookbook author and photographer, Nik Sharma
Groundbreaking, inspiring, delicious: Nik Sharma’s Veg-Table is everything I’d hoped for and more!
Nigella Lawson
Author of Cook, Eat, Repeat
Phenomenal. The scope, the combining of flavors, the knowledge―both about technique and individual vegetables―the gorgeousness of the recipes: This is a must-have book
Diana Henry
British food writer and author of the James Beard Award–winning A Bird in the Hand
Sharma is not only a talented recipe writer but a masterful food photographer. These pages will make you salivate and see vegetables in a new light. Veg-table is the perfect balance of the art and the science of good food.
Padma Lakshmi
New York Times bestselling author and creator and host of Taste the Nation and Top Chef
Veg-Table cements Sharma’s status as one of the most important cookbook authors of our time. He always has his finger on the cultural pulse, and, with the recent uptick in interest in vegetable-forward cooking, this cookbook could not be more timely. Like his other books, this one is thoughtful, steeped in research, bold, and bursting with flavor.
Bryant Terry
James Beard Award–winning author of Black Food and editor in chief of 4 Color Books
Veg-Table brims with the color, vibrancy, and life that is the delicious signature of Nik Sharma’s food. Beautifully photographed and thoughtfully curated, this is an essential resource for both vegetable lovers and flavor hunters alike. Nik has once again proven he is the master of interlacing crave-able recipes with science and research.
Hetty McKinnon
Cookbook author and food writer
Nik Sharma weaves science and culinary creativity together beautifully in this collection of inspiring recipes that prove just how exciting and versatile vegetables can be.
Ixta Belfrage
Author of Mezcla and coauthor of Ottolenghi Flavor
If you’ve ever looked at an alien artichoke or spiky nopalito in fear, don’t worry, because Veg-table is here for you! Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about produce is in Sharma’s book, from their origins to the history of their cultivation, and, of course, all the ways to make them delicious. His cinematic photography and personal prose guide you through the veggie world, giving you so many tasty ways to turn plants into dinner (or lunch! or breakfast!)
Sohla El-Waylly
Author of Start Here and television personality on The Big Brunch and Ancient Recipes with Sohla

Features more than 50 different vegetables from 15 different plant families, revealing their origins, biology, and unique characteristics. 

Includes over 100 recipes for cooks looking to add more delicious and satisfying vegetables to their diet.

Teaches you how to apply science to cook more smartly and efficiently in the kitchen through various using tips and tricks.

Gorgeous full-color illustrations by artist Matteo Riva.

Includes step-by-step instructional photos that show you how to prep and cook various vegetables. 

Teaches you how to apply science to cook more smartly and efficiently in the kitchen through various using tips and tricks.

What I wanted to do with Veg-Table was write a book that was less academic and more practical. The book answers several questions: What is a vegetable? Where did our vegetables originate? How does plant biology affect how we prepare and eat vegetables? How can we apply science to our cooking? How to incorporate fun flavors in exciting ways with the vegetables we eat. In this book, you’ll encounter more than 50 vegetables from 15 different plant families. Some vegetables, like cabbages and potatoes, will be more familiar to some, while others, like cassava and cactus, will be less. This book shows you how to use these vegetables in your meals through more than 100 recipes. I hope you will enjoy this book as much as I have creating the recipes.

Signed copies of Veg-Table are available through Now Serving, Kitchen Arts & Letters, Book Larder, and Omnivore Books. They also ship internationally. 

This is a book about celebrating vegetables in all their glory. My goal with this book is to encourage people to include more vegetables in fun ways in their cooking. While a significant portion of the recipes are vegetarian or vegan, there are a handful of meat-containing dishes. It is easy to leave out the meat in those recipes and I’ve included substitutions whenever possible. 

Yes, I’m thrilled to share that I’ll be on the road touring with the book! Bookmark and save this page, I’ll announce tour information here and in my newsletter, The Flavor Files.

ERRATA in Veg-Table

Pg 221 DELETE “The jícama plant also produces edible peas in pods that look similar to lima beans.” REPLACE with “The tuber is the only edible part of the plant; all other parts are considered toxic.”


Pg 225 DELETE “Increase the oven temperature..” REPLACE with “Maintain the oven temperature..”


Pg 333 DELETE “The chia seeds help absorb any excess moisture.”

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