vanilla bean, jaggery and bourbon ice cream

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vanilla bean, jaggery and bourbon ice cream |A Brown Table

Happy Summer! It’s only a few months which means I need to keep cranking my ice cream maker at full to satisfy every ice cream flavor fantasy that I’ve been wanting to make.

Jaggery comes in a lot of different grades of color, I used the lighter golden variety here.  It’s sweet with hints of molasses wrapped in the floral fragrance of Madagascar vanilla bean and some good bourbon. Happy Summer and stay cool!

vanilla bean, jaggery and bourbon ice cream

makes 1 quart [960 ml]

1 whole vanilla bean

½ cup [120 ml] whole milk

2 ½ cups [600 ml] heavy cream

2/3 cup [130 g] packed jaggery

6 egg yolks

1/4 cup [60 ml] bourbon

Scrape the vanilla bean and add the stalk and seeds along with the milk, heavy cream and jaggery, in medium saucepan on medium-low heat, until the jaggery is completely dissolved.

In a small bowl, whisk the yolks and then whisk in ½ cup [120 ml] of the warm milk and cream mixture. Pour the warm egg yolk mixture in to the saucepan and whisk quickly until combined. Cook over low heat and stir constantly, until the mixture thickens to a custard-like consistency and coats the back of a spoon (your finger should leave a clean trail when you draw a line with your finger across the custard coating on the spoon). Remove from heat and strain the mixture through a fine mesh sieve to remove any lumps. Transfer to a resealable gallon ziptop bag and seal. Plunge the bag into an ice bath and leave there for about 30 minutes, or until the custard is fully chilled. 

Add the bourbon to the chilled ice cream base. Transfer to an ice cream maker and churn according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Scrape the ice cream into a freezer-proof, airtight container and freeze for at least 2 to 4 hours before serving. 


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  1. I finally bought my first ice cream maker yesterday and have also been fantasising about all the different flavours I could possibly make. I’m going to hunt around for jaggery today and hopefully make this recipe this afternoon!

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