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jaggery sweetened chocolate cake | Nik Sharma for @SFChronicle

October was an exciting month, Season came out and my aunt and uncle came to visit from New Zealand. My aunt is an amazing cook and she taught me a couple of Goan dishes that I’ve been trying to get a better understanding of (more on that recipe soon – it’s going to be a December dish for the holidays).

In a major life update, you probably might have seen on Instagram, our new kitten Drogy Ficus. He showed up at about 3 weeks of age on the street, abandoned, hungry and crying. My original plan was to get him safe and feed him but then one thing led to another and we ended up officially adopting him. He’s the sweetest and keeps our other two pets exhausted. He’s the Cross-fit trainer to the other two, I’ve never seen them so tired from playing all day.

drogy ficus | Nik Sharma

drogy ficus | Nik Sharma

garlic arugula dal for SF Chronicle | NIk Sharma

You should also try this garlic dal with arugula, it’s a wonderful way to use up bits of salad greens. You don’t need much to go with it, rice or flatbread and a spot of plain yogurt is my favorite way to eat it.

The chocolate cake recipe for this jaggery sweetened treat is right here. You don’t need to use masala chai or chai in it, substitute what you like.

The wonderful Nigella Lawson wrote a few words about Season on her site and you can get my recipe for the date and tamarind loaf there.

I have a small request, it would be wonderful if you liked Season and could take some time to leave a review for it at the online site or store you purchased it at. Reviews are extremely personal and helpful way to help spread the word about books you love. Thank you so much!


I’m headed off to London and Seattle over the next couple of days for the second part of the Season cookbook tour:

In London, please join me on November 11th for a lunch (inspired by the book) prepared by the wonderful chefs Itamar and Sarit at Honey and Co for The Food Talks Season 4. – You can get tickets and details here.

In Seattle –

November 16, 2018 – Book Larder 6:30pm A Conversation with Tan Vinh of the Seattle Times . (I’ve just been informed that this event has sold out)

November 18, 2018 – Hot Stove Society 2:00pm – Cooking Class and Book Signing (Details to purchase tickets in link)

November 18, 2018 – The London Plane Restaurant, Dinner and Book Signing Please call the shop for reservations and details (206)624-137

My final event in San Francisco this year will be on December 4, 2018 – 7:00pm California Institute of Integral Studies – The Haresh and Joan Shah Lecture & Performance Series – a book signing will follow. Tickets are available for purchase.

SEASON in the Press (Read what the people are saying here)

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