Black bean salad with poppy seed vinaigrette


Nik Sharma

Hey Friends, I’m a multi-award-winning and best-selling cookbook author and photographer.

Photograph: Ola O Smit/The Guardian. Food styling: Sam Dixon. Prop styling: Anna Wilkins.

Winter should be colourful, and so should the food we eat. I find comfort in fruits and vegetables that provide unexpected bursts of excitement during the bleak months. First up is a black bean salad with a turmeric-infused poppy seed vinaigrette that could easily be eaten at lunch (and even breakfast). I’ve listed ground turmeric as an option for the dressing, which works well here, but if you can get your hands on fresh (Indian or Asian grocery stores will carry it), it is well worth the effort – use a microplane zester to get the finest grate possible; a few slivers of anchovies or mackerel preserved in oil would make a wonderful addition for non-vegetarians. 

To make this recipe, please visit my column at The Guardian.

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