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Hey Friends, I’m a multi-award-winning and best-selling cookbook author and photographer.

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Guys, I’m super excited because I have a little post up at 

Better Homes and Garden

! More over I’m thrilled that I not only get to cook up one of their recipes but also add my own spin to it.

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It was hard not to resist giving the

salmon burgers

an Indian-inspired twist because I absolutely love  to showcase the rich heritage of Indian cuisine and its versatility in everyday cooking. I’ve been enjoying a lot of the fresh produce and seafood here on the West Coast so I figured a seafood burger for summer would be the perfect thing to share with you.

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Preparing these

salmon burgers

is a breeze, I’ve made them gluten-free and I think you will love them, since they carry a little bit of heat and spice. Most of these ingredients are available at most supermarkets and local international grocery stores, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding them. And since it’s summer, you should be cooking up a quick meal on the weekend, so you can spend more time enjoying the sun with your family and friends or even just by yourself! 

So go ahead and pour yourself a chilled drink and check out my

Indian-style Salmon burger recipe


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  1. GO NIK!!! These burgers look absolutely amazing — the photos are gorgeous and it sounds delicious. So awesome!

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