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Champagne and peach sorbet

Over the past few days, you might have noticed a few changes around here, in terms of design and layouts. I felt that it was time for a change, that represented my growth and sense of style. I finally feel happier with my logo that I spent some time designing, it’s not that I wasn’t happy with the previous one but I didn’t really feel the color scheme or the design too much. The new look really represents what I like in terms of design and styling. I have no professional skills in website design and most of what I know has been acquired through trial and error and perusing the internet. There will be a few more changes in the upcoming weeks, so keep an eye out and I hope that you will like them. I’d love to hear your feedback on the new logo!

Sweet Carolina peaches

Last weekend, I received a message from my friends who were driving back from South Carolina with a big bag of fresh ripe peaches for me, their only request make us something frozen (they got to try the black peppercorn, cardamom, raspberry sauce ice cream and wanted more). This time round, I wanted to do something different, a couple of ideas jumped into my head but for some reason all I could think of were bellinis. It also seemed fitting, since I have spent many a Sunday morning at brunch with them sipping mimosas or bellinis or simply just champagne. 

Fresh peach sorbet

This sorbet is not too sweet and has a light and airy texture which reminds me of the bubbles in champagne, which is something I was aiming for. The basic recipe is based on the sorbet from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home by Jenni Bauer and I’ve tweaked it around a little. When selecting a champagne for the sorbet, use a good quality brand to give a rich and flavorful taste. 

Sorbet for breakfast

How did the taste test go? Well my friends loved it and had several helpings without my prodding them. So I think it passed the test and I hope you will like it too. I was being a bit goofy at first while styling the sorbet, then when I looked at the photographs, I could not make up my mind as to which one I liked more, the sorbet with the peach or the one without the peach. I uploaded both photographs up here for you to decide, so please do tell me which one you like better and why?

Peachy sorbet

champagne and peach sorbet

yields: 6-8 servings/ ~ 1 quart


1 lb peaches, peeled and chopped 
2 tablespoons lime juice, freshly squeezed
3/4 cup sugar
1/3 cup light corn syrup
3/4 cup champagne

1. Puree the peaches in a food processor until smooth. 
2. In a thick bottomed saucepan, combine the pureed peaches, lime juice, sugar and corn syrup. Stir continuously on a low flame until the sugar is completely dissolved. Remove from heat and allow to cool to room temperature. Once cooled, fold in the champagne. Transfer the liquid into a gallon ziploc bag, seal the bag and chill in a ice-water bath for 20 minutes.
3. Once the sorbet liquid is chilled, pour the sorbet into the pre-frozen canister of the ice-cream maker. Churn for 30 minutes until the sorbet acquires a creamy consistency. Transfer the sorbet into a freezer-safe airtight container. Place a piece of parchment paper on the surface and pack it down to remove any trapped air bubbles. Freeze for at least 4 to 6 hours to firm before serving.

57 Responses

  1. Gorgeous colour! I have been eating lots of ice treats…but haven't thought of the combo of champagne and peach…which is brilliant!
    How did you take those moody looking photos? Any grey card or filter involved?

  2. Nice redesign – looks great. And nice recipe too – I love all the ripe peaches we're getting at the moment. This looks terrific. Love the bottom picture!

  3. you hsve great style, Nik! and what a lovely combination for the sorbet. Like the new look and love these pics too..

  4. Love the new look of the blog and love the sorbet, so I don't have a ice-cream maker, am going to try it without the icecream maker, you will see it on my blog soon..! off to my kitchen now.

  5. Just discovered your blog through your comment at my page.
    This is a very elegant,summery recipe and the pictures are beautiful.
    For sure not my last visit!

  6. Superb styling and photography, Nik! Of course, I like the photograph with the peach the best. It totally rocks. Also, loving your flavor combination for this refreshing summer sorbet. I like your logo, but I never did see your old one so I am not a good judge of that. You have a terrific food blog and I will surely be back–especially because you enjoy working with dessert and fruit recipes. Thanks again for stopping by at my blog. Snoopy is adorable!

  7. Nik, great elegant flavour combination – I would love to try this. My favourite photo is the one with the peach just because it's a bit whimsical…

  8. Nik, love your new logo, your pictures and the sorbet. I really do love your logo..I wanna explain why I love it but I guess, can't find the right way to put it. It is chic an elegant, playful at the same time. NICE.

  9. Great vintage shots and thanks for visiting my blog, you're always welcome! Your logo looks clean and understated. Mmmmm for the peaches, I'm jealous that they got you a bag of fresh peaches on the way back. Looks like an awesome vegan-friendly recipe, thanks for sharing! Love the colors in the sorbet…so summery and pastel looking! 🙂

  10. What an elegant yet approachable recipe! I'll save this for when the weather starts to warm up 😀

  11. Beautiful. I can taste the sweetness in this dessert. And I love the final photo of the peach perched atop the sorbet. Well done, again.

  12. Your site looks great ad I like the logo. Photos are gorgeous as always, particularly the sorbet with the peach atop it. And the sorbet looks fab too!


  13. LOVE the new logo! And this recipe looks divine. What a great use of fresh summer peaches! And per usual, your pictures are AMAZING!

  14. This sounds so delicious and refreshing. I'm loving peaches very much right now, and I think they would be even better with champagne!

  15. I really really love peaches, like crazy about them, and I'm in love with your sorbet. Champagne and peach. Brilliant, Nik!

  16. I love the idea of combining champagne and peach in a sorbet. Looks refreshing and delicious!

  17. Your new logo is gorgeous Nik… you did it yourself? Love this sorbet, champagne and peaches are a great combo!

  18. I love simple, clean blog layouts. This looks great, Nik. And what a great recipe to celebrate 🙂

  19. Beautiful photos Nik. Love the look of your blog. The sorbet looks delicious. I like the last photo too because it is fun and whimsical.

  20. Thanks so much! This is a great time for juicy peaches, I did enjoy a trip I took to a peach orchard last summer!

  21. Stacy, thank you for the feedback. I took Snoopy last year to an orchard to pick up peaches and we had a blast!

  22. Thank you Asha. I was never completely happy with the previous one and the need to change it kept itching forever.

  23. Thank you so much, Rika. They just got me another bag of peaches from the second trip last weekend to make them something new.

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