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Usually a few days before I leave for a holiday, my mind is filled with exciting thoughts of traveling adventures and new food but last week was different. My mind was completely preoccupied with the upcoming SCOTUS decisions on DOMA and Prop8. I remember walking into work on my last day when my friend Alex texted with “Win, win, win!”.  At that moment, the months of anxiety and stress were no more and all I could feel was happiness and freedom. It really was a watershed moment. I received congratulatory messages from my family and friends and I felt wonderful but more than anything, thankful. Later that evening, I met up with a few of my closest friends to celebrate, since it was a Thursday neither of us really stayed out too late but it was still important for us to meet up and share our happiness in this historical moment.

Ocean grass

After all this amazing news, we were finally ready for our trip to Charleston, I’ve never visited the city but I have heard and read so many wonderful things from various people and several food bloggers. So of course, I was thrilled when we were asked to travel with our friends Tyler and John and spend a week enjoying the sights and sounds of this picturesque beach town but also partake in their wedding menu tastings. This is pretty much one culinary trip! Here are some of the photographs that I took at the beach at Sullivan’s Island. The water was warm and wonderful and the beach clean and quiet.

beach way
Beach flag
Ocean sports

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  1. Beautiful clicks! South Carolina is a splendid place. What gorgeous landscapes.

    Great to know that DOMA is out.



  2. I never been to south Carolina. Been to North and I loved that place. And those are some stunning photographs. Glad you vacation turned out stress free šŸ™‚

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