Travel Photo Essay: December at Mouth of Wilson, VA and Burnsville, NC


Nik Sharma

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Sheep on the Hill
This trip made me realize how thankful I should be for having internet and cellphone access. We spent our Christmas at the farm at Mouth of Wilson, VA and then New Year’s Eve at a cabin in Burnsville, NC. Both trips were so much fun but having limited internet access made it hard to post any of the photographs from my trips, so here is a very image-heavy post for you! I’m sharing some of my favorite moments with you that I think and hope you might like. Once you get used to certain technologies, it is appears to be so hard to break free or even deal with limited access but it is completely doable. In the end it was totally worth the time to get away, relax and enjoy nature.

Winter Rain Drops
Frost and Rain in Winter

Oddly enough, we were hoping for a white Christmas in Virginia but ended up with rain, while back home in D.C. the news showed the roads and houses covered with plenty of snow. We did get a bit of  snow on our final day in Virginia and drove through it to North Carolina to my friend Alex’s family’s cabin where the trees and mountains were covered with snow and everything looked frosted and beautiful. Back in Virginia, I  visited a local antique store called Polly World located in Mouth of Wilson, where I found some interesting and fun items for sale. Sure enough, I ended up picking a few items that I fell in love with and of course “had” to have. We also got to see a little bit of wildlife on our trips, we ran into some deer and wild turkey our hikes on the hills. On a side note, I’ll admit that I am always a little surprised to see how green some of the farms and pastures remain , even during a cold winter!

Wild Turkey Sighting

All in all this was a great holiday and a refreshing start to 2013. I shared some wonderful and amazing moments with my friends and I hope you too, spent a great holiday with your loved ones.

Cold and Wet Winter Days at the FarmHorses on a chilly daySnow and BootsEarly AM Snow Covered Trees atop the Mountains in NCSnow Covered Branches and Wild Turkey FootprintsA Bird House and Wild Deer

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  1. You are right, the grass is so green even in winter. Last year we were driving thru Germany this time of the year and the grass was so green, it was unbelievable that it was winter.Beautiful pixs !

  2. I was born and raised on a farm and it is always great to get back to that environment. I can imagine this was a wonderful break away from normal life.

  3. Love the shot of the mountain- almost looks like a painting! Sounds like both were great getaways from the city- a little jealous. 😉

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