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There are multiple ways to cook a hard-boiled egg and today we’re using an Instant Pot. It’s simple and easy, and because it uses steam under high pressure, the membrane between the egg and the shell separates well. This, in turn, makes peeling the eggs very easy, which in my opinion, is the main advantage of this method.

There’s one thing to watch out for, and this is an aesthetic peeve, the greenish ring formed due to sulfur from the egg proteins at about 80F [27C] is a toss-up. Sometimes, the green circle shows up, and then other times it won’t; it won’t affect the taste of the egg.

instant pot hard-boiled eggs

Makes 6 eggs


1 cup [240 ml] water

6 large eggs (you can use more eggs depending on the model of your instant pot)

ice-cold water

Fill the Instant pot with the 1 cup [240ml] water. Place the wire rack insert for eggs inside the pot and place the eggs on the rack in their slots. Seal the lid, set the pressure to high, and time for 3 minutes. Fill a large bowl with ice-cold water. Once the timer goes off, press the cancel button, and carefully release the steam from the valve. Once the steam is completely released, open the Instant pot. Remove the eggs with a slotted spoon and submerge them in the prepared ice water bath and let cool until they can be handled. Gently tap the shell of the egg to break it. Peel and discard the shell. 

Note on temperature and serving and storage: To serve the eggs warm, peel them once they’re cool enough to be handled, otherwise store them in their shell in a container or bag in the refrigerator. For long-term storage, you can leave the unpeeled eggs in their shell and refrigerate in an airtight container for up to 1 week.

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