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February 2019 reads | Nik Sharma

This month, I’m currently reading a few new cookbooks some of which are written by friends. Some of these came out last year in the U.K. but are now being released here in America.

My first recommendation would be The Black Sea by Caroline Eden (Quadrille Books) who also wrote Samarkand. This is a gorgeous book with recipes and both her prose and photos will transport you write to a new world. The cover is brilliant, it movs just like the sea depending on the ambient light. The Half and Half Manti and the Sacred Onion Soup have caught my eye.

The second book is Carbs by Laura Goodman (Quadrille Books). I like it for it’s unabashed celebration of carbs and the recipes are fun. The Brown Rice with Smacked Cucumbers and Chopped Omelette and the Lime Pickle Cheese Straws are enticing.

Diana Kuan’s latest book Red Hot Kitchen (Avery Books) looks fun. As the name suggests, the book is about chili sauces and how to use them with recipes. The Sichuan – Style Peanut Noodle recipe is calling my name this weekend.

Simply Delicious by Darina Allen (Kyle Books) – This the second book that I now own by the legendary Irish food writer, chef and tutor from the Ballymaloe Cookery School (my friend Emma went there to study and is an amazing chef). The Beef with Stout and the Three-Minute Fish are just some of the recipes in this beautiful book that I want to cook soon.

Have a great weekend folks and have fun reading!

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