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french fries tasting in Boise, Idaho | Nik Sharma Photography

My flight to Boise was pretty quick and even though it’s only 90 minutes away from Oakland, the landscape is very different one that I didn’t expect. As I got off the airport and made my way to the hotel, I noticed a lot of similarities between Colorado and Boise, a beautiful city, tucked away surrounded by breathtaking foothills of the Rocky Mountains. But while there might be some similarities to it’s centrally located eastern neighbor, it carries its own unique charm and beauty.

Typically, potatoes are the first thing that come to mind when I hear the words “Boise” or “Idaho”. It’s not that the other parts of the country can’t grow potatoes but considering that they produce more than 13 billion pounds a year, it’s no wonder Idaho is synonymous for potatoes. But it is also rich with a vibrant food scene full of people that are passionate about the food they create and also deeply connected to the land they produce it from.

I met Angela of Indulge Boise, who took me on a food tour of the city’s downtown restaurant scene. We began our trip at a restaurant known for its loaded sandwiches, salads and fruit flavored sodas, Bleubird.(Look at the delicious pomegranate and sage infused soda with that big fat cheesy brie filled sandwich!). From there we went to Bacon to sample their spectacular Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich (those bacon slices were thick!!!). From there we headed off to eat, you guessed it, potatoes in the form of a french fry tasting at the Boise Fry Company. My tasting was made up of several different kinds of potatoes and dipping sauces. Here’s a pro tip, taste the fries unsalted at first to notice how different they taste and then salt them as needed. This is one place where the fries are treated as the main while their burgers are considered the side. Totally worth your time, if you love French fries and/or potatoes.

Needless to say, there are so many tasty and delicious things to taste in Boise and some do involve potatoes but there’s also a fascinating assortment of flavors and dishes from the local community! 

Bleubird Boise, Idaho | Nik Sharma Photography

Bleubird in Boise, Idaho | Nik Sharma Photography

Bluebird in Boise, Idaho | Nik Sharma Photography

Bacon in Boise, Idaho | Nik Sharma Photography

Boise Fry Company in Boise, Idaho | Nik Sharma Photography

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