upside-down fig cake scented with ghee and cardamom

Nik Sharma

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upside_down_fig_cake_ghee_cardamom for SF Chronicle|Nik Sharma

It’s hard to imagine how much can happen in a week or for that matter in an instantaneous second when you read a short sentence. Last week, India’s Supreme Court, dropped an archaic law called #Section377 which essentially now makes it legal for queer folk to exist in India. I’ve written about it at my column for the San Francisco Chronicle where you will also find this take I did on a fig-upside down cake (which if you remember is a new fall version of the banana cake I had done earlier this year) . This was a difficult one to write because I revisited a lot of the past and it brought back memories of confusion and shame. It’s strange how you can put things behind you but they still linger far, far away.

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