twice-cooked new potatoes with pepita chutney


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twice-cooked new potatoes with pepita chutney | Nik Sharma for SF Chronicle

My love for potatoes is no secret. I think I can finish a pound in a single sitting. The potatoes here are first cooked in a bath of boiling water and then seared on a pan followed by a garlic pepita chutney (for those of you that like it with an extra dose of garlic, by all means double it, M loves it that way).

Lately, there’s a lot of controversy over recipes with a lot of text before the actual instructions, whether we need it or not. I address this in my essay at the newspaper for my column, the most useful recipes were the ones that described an instruction or introducing me to the history behind an ingredient or the construction of a dish and how it came to be.

You can get the recipe and my thoughts at my column here .

Also, the wonderful folks at Food52 made my Naan pizza from Season and they made a fantastic video which made me want to book a flight and run over to eat pizza with them.

I’m headed to Philadelphia this week for the Philly Chef’s Conference where I will be talking about Season with Andrew Friedman. Do check it out and if you’re around come say hi, if you’re around.

And in Piglet news this week, Season makes it through to Round 1 – a very thoughtful review by novelist Meg Wolitzer! Read all about it here.

Have a lovely week folks.

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