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saveur/brooklyn NY | A Brown Table

As some of you know, I was up in Brooklyn, NY last week to attend the Saveur magazine food blog awards which was held at the beautiful Wythe Hotel. This was my first time at the Saveur awards and boy, was it a wonderful experience! I was nominated in the Best Photography category and this year two winners were chosen, Editor’s Pick: Renee Kemps and Reader’s Choice: Lady and Pups. Thank you so much for voting for me and supporting me along my journey. This would not have been possible without you. Molly took home two awards this year, Blog of the Year and the Best Baking and Desserts. Not only is this girl super talented, she is also so much fun to hang out with. 

There were quite a few bloggers representing the west coast, Phyllis, Michelle, and Phi. I asked Phyllis to adopt me because her food is always so delicious! I got to meet baker Yossy (she won in the Baking and Desserts category) who shared a few her favorite dinner spots with us when we were out and about the city. I got to meet CynthiaLindaStephanieSamantha, Emilie, Alanna, Julia, Summer, Kristan, Jessica and Jodi. I was hoping to meet Lindsey but unfortunately she came down with the flu. Sweet, sweet, Imen came down from Ireland and it was so nice to meet her in person, I can’t wait for her book to be released! 

Our trip can described as one humongous food fest! We might have participated in an entire journey of back-to-back pastry shop touring, all under a few hours. We visited Momofuku Milk Bar, Bakeri and The Bakeshop by Whoops.  Chitra the brains behind Brooklyn Delhi took me to to Five Leaves for lunch, where I had a delicious watermelon radish and farro salad. Chitra also gave me one her homemade garlic achaar (Indian pickle) which we opened up yesterday and absolutely loved! I also took some time to meet up with the guys at Jarry magazine for a delicious lunch at ABC Cocina. I have a little a project coming up with these boys later this year that I’m very, very excited about!

Saveur planned out a fun and exciting time for us. We had a blogger bootcamp of sorts with a lot of tastings, demos and eating. Eating is the theme at these events and at one point, I had to take a break from eating every minute. I was going to fall into a food induced coma! The day after the award ceremony we visited Whole Foods in Brooklyn and got to do a little tour of their facility. There are only two facilities in the country where Whole Foods grinds its own coffee, one that’s here in Berkley and the other, in Brooklyn. We also got to check the hydroponics research and production that takes places on top of the roof of the Brooklyn store. Gotham Greens grows several fresh greens and tomatoes using less water than that would be required to grow the same plants in soil. Low carbon footprint and more food to feed people in an urban setting, it’s industrial and urban technology at its best!

I couldn’t have asked for more on this trip! Good times with good people and I made lots of new friends! Congratulations to everyone who was nominated this year.

Note: I’ve probably forgotten to mention everyone I met at the awards this year (and I apologize for that) but please visit the awards link see the entire list of finalists and winners for this year. 

wythe hotel, brooklyn NY | A Brown Table

wythe hotel, brooklyn NY | A Brown Table

wythe hotel, brooklyn NY | A Brown Table

wythe hotel, brooklyn NY | A Brown Table

bakeri brooklyn NY | A Brown Table

wythe hotel, brooklyn NY | A Brown Table

wythe hotel, brooklyn NY | A Brown Table

milkbar brooklyn, NY | A Brown Table

milkbar brooklyn, NY | A Brown Table

milkbar brooklyn, NY | A Brown Table

milkbar brooklyn, NY | A Brown Table

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milkbar brooklyn, NY | A Brown Table

saveur 2015 / brooklyn. NY | A Brown Table

isa brooklyn, NY | A Brown Table

gotham greens, brooklyn NY | A Brown Table

gotham greens, brooklyn NY | A Brown Table

26 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your nomination, it was through the award i discovered your wonderful blog. It is stunning. Your pictures are so beautiful

  2. Nik:

    It sounds like you had an inspirational trip to Brooklyn. Having grown up right near there, it is fun to see these beautiful photos. You bring back great memories. While I applaud the Saveur folks’ choices, you are the winner in my book. D

    1. Thank you, Deena! It was a great trip, I learned so much from everyone plus the community feeling was lovely. Thank you for always being so sweet!

  3. Congrats!! Your nomination was so well deserved. It looks like all of you had an incredible time in NYC together – I was totally jealous of your eating escapades and all of the events that Saveur set up for you guys, but I’m glad I was able to follow along (and live vicariously) through all of your social media updates. Lovely photos!

  4. Amazing Nik! It was SUCH A PLEASURE to meet you!!!!! I hope we meet again, best of everything sweetie!

  5. These photos are incredible, Nik! I can’t get over how perfect they are. And it sounds like you had a wonderful time… such an amazing experience!

  6. I am so incredibly in love with these dreamy (and SO unique!!) captures of last week. You have such an eye, Nik!! I know I said it already but it was so awesome to get to know you and your talent in person. You made last week SO so much fun! 🙂 Say hi to Snoopy for meeeee!

  7. You forgot me, wahhh. I was there, right? Just kidding 😉 So great to meet you, finally, these photos are wonderful. And that BASIL!! I regret not making it to Whole Foods that morning, glad so many of you made it out though. All my love Nik, all the time, xo!

  8. oh nik, these shots are absolutely beautiful. i love seeing how you capture this city! i am so totally bummed to have missed you all, but it makes me smile so much seeing how much fun you all had! i was super tickled to see so many of you in my local whole foods (i literally live 5 minutes away!)!!! gotham greens is an amazing organization, we’re super lucky to have them here. big hugs to you!

  9. !!!! It was soooo awesome to meet you (IRL!!) and hang in BK! These photos are so gorgeous and as always, you’ve managed to capture everything with your own unique lens. Please please let me know if you’re in LA and I’ll be sure to hit you up the next time we’re up north!!

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