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I’m back from my awesome weekend vacation in New Orleans. The weather was fantastic and the food always delicious. Of course, we ate way too much food around the city but there are absolutely no regrets here. My only regret, I didn’t pack any shorts on this trip. Still in some +70F weather, we managed to consume copious amounts of fried oyster and shrimp Po’boys, gumbos, and even taste an alligator cheesecake. I love grand southern mansions and old homes and the Garden District boasts some breathtaking houses. By the way if you look closely in the photograph with the ferns, you might notice an iguana basking above the leaves while he shed his skin. I didn’t see this guy till I was back home in D.C. going through my photographs. How random is that, an iguana roaming the streets of NOLA ?

New Orleans 5

We revisited some of my favorite places including Jacques-Imo for a fantastic dinner (try the eggplant appetizer here, it is amazing!) and then stopped by the Oak Wine Bar for a drink. The brunch menu at Atchafalaya is also worth checking out. Heck, we even managed to squeeze in three to four food festivals in under six hours. Still the best part of the trip, was visiting my friend’s mother who had painstakingly prepared a wonderful dinner for us. I’ll admit that it is probably one of the biggest incentives of my many trips to NOLA, her food and company. For our final meal, we stuffed ourselves at Cafe Adelaide who host a 25 cent martini on their menu. What a fun way to end this trip until the next vacation!
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  1. I am going to New Orleans this weekend. these tips will certainly help me go around the city. I am so looking forward for good food and fun 🙂 your pictures are great

  2. What a great collection of photos. The houses are just beautiful in New Orleans. You obviously had some memorable meals there.

  3. Your blog is distinctive. I have found your blog innovative. You have chosen very incredible theme for your sketch. I cherished it.

  4. Beautiful clicks. NOLA has been on my list forever.. I hope to go next year. Did you go to Cafe Mundu – something like that? It's like super famous.. I'm gonna check out your reco when I visit. 🙂

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