a spicy pork and mushroom pie plus butternut squash and apple casserole


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pork and mushroom pie | A Brown Table

Moving is exciting but doing the work necessary to move is no fun. One would think that, now that we’re t minus 4 days away until the big move, I should have had a good game plan but to be honest I have made none. I’ve packed nothing and I keep dreading every moment of it! We’ve moved four chairs and two bar stools to the house (since the contractors will wrap up in a few days) and I almost forgot, a dog bed. I think my desire to move but not pack is motivated (or not motivated depending on which way you look at it) by the fact that were moving an hour or so away. All I want to do is snap my fingers and make this happen with magic!

However, there are other things that I’ve actually planned out , like my thanksgiving menu. This year, along with my favorite kitchen cookware company, Le Creuset, I’ve created a couple of special savory dishes for the holiday using their Heritage bakeware collection. These dishesare easy and can be prepared in advance to save time. You can refrigerate the dishes ahead of time by wrapping them up airtight with cling film and foil and then reheat them in the oven just before serving.

The first dish is a spicy pork and mushroom pie which is inspired from the traditional shepherd’s pie while the second one is a casserole made with apples and butternut squash (Recipes in links). As you’ve guessed, comfort food is the theme in each of these two savory dishes.

I flavored the spicy and hot pork and mushroom pie with a dash of garam masala and hot sauce (I used sriracha) then topped it off with a layer of mashed potatoes and parmesan for a delicious cheesy crust. For the apple and butternut squash casserole, the eggs were whisked with a little freshly ground nutmeg and parmesan (the leftovers are also great at breakfast) and that I then used the liquid to envelope the vegetables and apples. An added bonus, the aroma of parmesan sneaking out from your oven!

pork and mushroom pie | A Brown Table

pork and mushroom pie | A Brown Table

Butternut Squash and Apple Casserole | A Brown Table

Butternut Squash and Apple Casserole | A Brown Table

Butternut Squash and Apple Casserole | A Brown Table

Note: This post was sponsored by Le Creuset but all opinions stated are my own.

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  1. These both sound so warm and comforting! I love eating apples with savory flavors and the mushroom pie is totally my thing! Your flawless photography is the part that really has me dying to try them though! Gorgeous!

  2. I think the packing part is the worst. It takes forever… and, yet, for some reason it doesn’t take nearly as long to unpack everything. Weird. But look you’ll be in your new home and you’ll be serving wonderful food to guests. It’s a special thing.

    I love casseroles this time of year. Total comfort food.

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