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fizzy bombay cherry lemonade | A Brown Table

It’s been hot in Oakland but not so hot in San Francisco. It’s all relative when it comes to temperature but there’s always a big difference between the two cities, on most days in Oakland you won’t have fog or cloudy skies as San Francisco does, it’s usually brighter, warmer and less chillier than the city. I love Oakland for this and many other things. I’ve been busy on weekends working in the garden, planting lemon and lime trees with the hope that in due time I will get plenty to use without having to run to the store every time I need one. Hope being the key word here. I can grow most things, some better than others, when it comes to fruiting plants and trees, I’ve usually not had much luck except for peppers and a few others. 

With all the cherries we picked recently, I’ve been working on different exciting and tasty ways to use them. One of my favorite drinks this summer is this fizzy lemonade that’s inspired from the spiced lemonades sold on the streets in India. I grind cherries to a fine purée and then use the juice from the fruit to flavor the lemonade. In India, people would usually use black salt/kala namak to flavor the drink but I’ve swapped it out for himalayan pink salt. 

You can get the recipe for this delicious fizzy Bombay cherry lemonade at theKitchenAid blog where I also share detailed instructions on how to use their sleek sodamaker to make fizzy things up!

fizzy bombay cherry lemonade | A Brown Table

fizzy bombay cherry lemonade | A Brown Table

fizzy bombay cherry lemonade | A Brown Table

fizzy bombay cherry lemonade | A Brown Table

Disclaimer: This blog post was created in partnership with KitchenAid. All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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  1. Nik, what grows well in your garden? I have a penthouse in Oakland and am looking to grow some new things. Cilantro and romaine turned out great – my tomato plant is struggling, though.

  2. This beautiful gadget would be dangerous in our house. I can think of quite a few alcoholic beverages I’d make with that.

    Also, I have dreams of being able to grow fresh citrus (with the amount of limes we go through, though, we’d need at least six trees). Super jealous.

  3. Love this flavor combination. What other fruits would go well? I’m thinking raspberries and blackberries? Can’t wait to give it a try!

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