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baath cake for @Saveur | A Brown Table

Guys, I wrote my first article for Saveur! I baked my favorite Goan coconut cake and you can get the recipe on there. I’ve done a couple of other versions here on the blog but this one is much more traditional and as “coco-nutty” as I could get it while keeping the recipe as close as possible to the one I grew up with. Bake, eat and enjoy!

As most of you know, I’ve also been sharing more traditional Indian recipes over at my column Food52. I delve more into the basics that I’ve grown up with, I’ve spoken about stocking up your pantry for Indian cooking, making staples such as Garam masala, aloo gobi sweet and savory lassis and making your own homemade ghee. Head over there to get the recipes.

Indian Spices (Jaggery) for @Food52| A Brown Table

Homemade Garam Masala for @Food52| A Brown Table

Homemade Ghee for @Food52 | A Brown Table

Homemade Ghee for @Food52| A Brown Table

Lassi for @Food52| A Brown Table

Aloo Gobi for @Food52| A Brown Table

It’s the last few weeks of summer and these are some of my favorite links that have been on my mind:

I’m in a mood to bake myself a big summer pie and Michelle’s blueberry, peach and lavender pie might just happen tonight along with some vanilla ice cream.

Cynthia has written a lovely recipe for Mul Naengmyeon (Korean cold noodles).

I made these chocolate surprise cookies for a party and they were delicious!

Roasting a whole chicken is tricky but these tips make it easy.

Pretty Instagram styling tips from Bon Appétit

Creamy peach and honey popsicles to stay cool with.



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  1. Hi Nik,

    Congratulations! I am happy to hear you’re sharing your talents and recipes all over the internet! Thanks for the links!


    1. Hi Nabs,
      I use the fine grind. It swells up well and the crumb size is big enough. If you want a bigger crumb you can try coarse.

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