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Veg-Table/Acorn Squash, Kale + Chilli Miso Sauce

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I used to avoid winter squashes because I found them too sweet. But after years of staying away, I realized the problem. Every time I tried them in restaurants, they were dressed in a cloyingly sweet sauce that could have been passed off as dessert. My palate reached peak sweet + squash fatigue. It was only after I started cooking squash on my own that I really began to understand what worked for me. This acorn squash is a good example of why I’ve changed my ways. The chilli miso sauce slathered over roasted crescents of acorn squash with hints of vinegar is a perfect combination, balancing the sweetness of the squash itself.

The full recipe for this dish is available in my cookbook, Veg-Table

  • Yield: 4


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