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spicy pulled pork sliders | A Brown Table

I think this is the first time that I’ve lived in a city where the Super Bowl is actually physically happening. Of course, as one can imagine things start to get a little crazy in anticipation, the traffic gets nuts (more than it already is) among other things. But it is a fun time and I love it! And I love it for the food and the Puppy Bowl show! The food is a big thing with us, every year whether I’m hosting a party or not, I cook M’s favorites which usually includes several dips and little bites. He starts his list weeks in advance so I can mentally prepare myself for his game food fiesta and figure out the logistics. This year we will end up watching the game at a friend’s place a party at a friend’s place but I’ll still be cranking up the heat in the kitchen and cooking a feast.

This week I’m over at Pottery Barn giving my personal favorite bar/game food a makeover . I’ve loosely based my version of this classic on the North Carolina style pulled pork that I’ve grown to love after moving to the US. Their use of vinegar and spices is spot on and it’s not overly heavy with sauce which is something I personally appreciate when I eat a sandwich, burger, slider or taco for that matter. The dry mango powder/amchur brings out the heat and flavor of the spices in the dish while giving the meat a sweet yet sour flavor.
There’s also a little winter themed cider vinegar coleslaw to serve in the slider or outside. Have a lovely Super Bowl and may the best team win!

spicy pulled pork sliders | A Brown Table

spicy pulled pork sliders | A Brown Table

spicy pulled pork sliders | A Brown Table

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  1. We totally missed the Super Bowl while we’re here in Mexico. Not that I really cared, but I’m anxious to see the Gaga and Beyonce performances. And, like you, we are all about the Puppy Bowl and the food (and drinks). These sliders sound divine and god knows that Eric would go crazy over them!

  2. I love your blog posts, it’s like snuggling under a cosy blanket. I can always guarantee something gorgeous to look at and the recipes are always so comforting.

    I wish I could’ve watched the puppy bowl – but the videos won’t play outside of the US – I shall have to take a look on youtube.

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