nigella’s turkish eggs

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Nigella's turkish eggs

Last week it was Edd’s hot cross buns, this week it’s Nigella’s Turkish Eggs, it looks like a lot of tasty food from the U.K. is making its way here. Nigella has a new book called At My Table that comes out here in April and like in all her books, she manages to make tasty food, easy once again with her little kitchen tricks. 

At first I debated on a savory or sweet selection to pick but Nigella suggested I start with the Turkish eggs and I’m glad I listened. I’m usually suspicious of eggs and yogurt together and I’ve always avoided preparing and serving them together in one dish. In this recipe, Nigella uses a water baths to whip up a creamy and luxurious garlic flavored yogurt that is then served with a poached egg (she likes lemon juice instead of vinegar which gives a much more pleasant fragrance) and some toasted buttered sourdough slices and before I forget a generous drizzle of browned butter seasoned with Aleppo pepper. 

You can get her recipe here. The book also has a very easy recipe for a chocolate cake that you can whip up quickly and then frost it with pretty much anything you desire. There’s a Queen of Puddings that has caught my eye too and I think I will make that next in addition to her new sticky toffee pudding recipe. 

As always, Nigella achieves interesting flavors with her kitchen ways and I know I will be cooking a lot from this book for a long time to come!

Nigella’s Turkish Eggs

nigella's turkish eggs | Nik Sharma

nigella's turkish eggs | Nik Sharma

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  1. ok i’m confused it says to seperate out the whites and poach the yolk but then it also says aim for the whites and at the end it says till the whites are cooked (blink) I also noted she says to poach eggs using one’s own method CONFUSION i just put the egg into the water and poach , if you have the time can you explain what she meant by all that seperating (or not lol)? thanks!

    1. What she is referring to as egg whites breaking down as they age and I think this is what you’re getting to. As soon as the egg is laid the white starts to release water as it ages (for macaroons this is great) but for poached eggs it will make a mess. So what you need to do is let the whole egg sit in the sieve to let the watery stuff drip out and then transfer that to a cup and add the lemon juice which helps to coats the proteins so as soon as you tip the egg into the water bath, the outer layer of protein will coagulate to seal and form a film. It shouldn’t take too long in the water bath. Once the edges of the white start to look opaque, you should remove it. You want the yolk runny. It takes me about 2 to 3 minutes for this stage. Also if you’re interested, I will be cooking with Nigella on Monday, April 23rd making the eggs so you can also ask her directly on FB Live

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